Pinkie Pie is one of the "Mane" characters in Friendship is Magic, having appeared since the very first episode. She is a professional baker and party planner, and the bearer of the Element of Laughter.


Main Rage Costs 100% rage

Displays a game-covering overlay for 4 seconds and stuns nearby sentries for 8s.
Spawns a # of pinkie-clone minions with soldier attributs from dead players, up to the same number of players on that team.
These clones are basically soldiers (200hp, 80% base movement speed), with pans that always crit (195 damage).

Special Rage Costs 30% rage, 60s cooldown on use

Force everyone into "The Schadenfreude" taunt.
The duration for Pinkie and her clones is halved.

Superjump is your special movement option.

Upon holding secondary attack (mouse2 by default) or crouch (c by default), a bar on your screen will charge up to 100% (Although it is adviced to use your secondary attack instead of your crouch, since using your crouch makes you an easy target for spies). To activate your superjump, look up and release your secondary attack at the same time, afte wich you will jump very high. You can release your secondary attack at any point during this charge, with 20% being the minimum and the lowest jump, while 100% gives you the most jump height.
After every superjump, you have to wait 5 or 6 seconds before you can use it again.
Also, there is something called a "super duper jump". This is a special superjump that can only be activated in certain conditions, like being stuck in the volcano on vsh_volcano. Upon holding your secondary attack, a red "super duper jump is ready" will flash on your screen, wich, when released, will give you a massive jump height.

Weapon Attributes

  • Effect: Purple Confetti
  • +200% Damage Bonus
  • -28% Reduction in push force taken from damage
  • No random critical hit


When a player is killed by Pinkie Pie, they will turn into a wrapped gift.

Battle Strategies

Battle as Pinkie Pie


Battle Vs. Pinkie Pie


Video Demo

Team Fortress 2-Freak Fortress 2-Pinkie Pie-1

Team Fortress 2-Freak Fortress 2-Pinkie Pie-1


  • LEFT MOUSE fires your active weapon.
  • Holding RIGHT MOUSE will charge the Superjump.
  • RELOAD ® activates the Special rage.
  • CALL FOR MEDIC (E) activates the Main rage.


USA Servers

Foozogz - ,~*Smile!*~, (Rmx VIP)

MLP Fighting is Magic - Pinkie Pie Theme

Japan Server

MLP:FiM - Smile - 日本語

EU server

Russian Language - MLP:FiM - Smile


"Surprise! Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie and I've just throw a party just for you. Are you surprised? Are you? Are you?"- Intro

"[Laugh + snort]" - Using Super Jump

"Fun! [several times]" - Rage

"Laaaaaaauuugh!" - Victory

"Pretty cool aha!" - Special Rage


Models: Created by Jug, based on Soldier-V1

Code And Animation: Raini and Friagram

Original Idea:  ???