Lyra is a background character who appears in numerous episodes throughout the series, yet has only spoken one line. The community claims Lyra is obsessed with humans and hands (Backed up by the fact that in one such episode, she could be seen sitting on a bench like a human would, rather than laying on it as other ponies do), but there is no conclusive evidence for this claim.


Main Rage Costs 100% rage.

Lyra gets a Crusader's Crossbow with five arrows, and Silences any Spellbook users.

Weapon Attributes


  • +210% Damage Bonus
  • -30% reduction in push force taken from damage

Crusaders Crossbow

  • +400% Damage Bonus
  • +50% faster firing speed
  • On kill: 2 seconds of 100% critical chance
  • 50% faster reload time
  • All ammo collected becomes health


No known Miscellaneous.

Battle Strategies

Battling as Lyra

  • As a Medic-class, Lyra has a naturally long range and high critical hit chance, making her very versatile in close quarters.
  • Lyra's Crossbow is best used at long range, as it will do more damage this way. It's also very effective at taking out nesting Engineers or Scouts that would otherwise be hard to catch.
  • Firing rapidly is a good way to miss all your shots--unless the enemies are stuck in a narrow corridor or bunched together, it's important to not panic, and aim each shot carefully.
  • The Crossbow is not very good against Demoknights and Snipers, as their shields will always protect them from an arrow.
  • Another use of the Crossbow when Engineers are no longer a threat is to take out a weak opponent to gain crits and use those crits to string multiple Crossbow kills together. The crits gained with the crossbow can also be used with her Amputator if you switch weapons.

Battling against Lyra

  • A Pyro can airblast back Lyra's arrows. Time your airblasts well and you can deal massive damage.
  • Lyra has no audio cue for her rage, so keep an eye on the position of her arms to see if she's using the Amputator or the Crossbow.

Video Demo

Team Fortress 2-Freak Fortress 2-Lyra Heartstrings-0

Team Fortress 2-Freak Fortress 2-Lyra Heartstrings-0


  • LEFT MOUSE fires your weapon.
  • Holding RIGHT MOUSE will charge the Super Jump.
  • CALL FOR MEDIC(E) activates the Main Rage.


Sim Gretina - Lyra's Bon Bon Addiction


"I love them." - Intro


Models:  Jug

Code And Animation:   Raini and Friagram

Original Idea:  ??????