Main Rage Costs 100% Rage.

Upon raging, all players in the map are stunned and turned into a small cloud of green floating bits for 4 seconds. Every player gets the same model with this rage, making every player look identical while stunned. However, players can still use spells, even while stunned.

Also, if you rage, all nearby sentries are disabled for a few seconds.

Teleport ​is your secondary movement option, replacing the superjump that most hales have. Upon holding your secondary attack (Mouse 2 by default) your teleport bar will charge up. Only when it reaches 100, let go of your secondary attack while looking up  to activate the teleport, making you instantly appear behind (or on top) of a randomly-selected hale. This teleport comes with a custom sound, like 2-3 blips, alerting nearby players that you teleported to them.

After every Teleport, you have to wait 5 seconds before you can use it again. (This is the shortest cooldown of any teleport hale, with others being at either 15 or 45 seconds.)

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