DJ Pon-3 is a background character of the series MLP:FiM, with only three brief background appearances to date. The community enjoyed her style, and agreed as a whole that she was a pompous DJ from the town of Ponyville.


Main Rage Costs 100% Rage.

Vinyl drops a large speaker in front of her, falling through the air and instantly killing any player it lands on if used in midair. Upon hitting the ground, it will begin to shoot out sound waves, dealing damage and knockback to any players caught in its range. The closer the player is to the speaker, the more damage and knockback it will deal.

Special Rage Costs 30% Rage.

Vinyl performs the Shred Alert taunt. During the taunt, Vinyl is immune to all damage and knockback, and upon completion, she will deal heavy damage and knockback to all surrounding players. Like the speaker, players closer to Vinyl will take heavier damage.

Weapon Attributes

  • 210% Damage Bonus
  • -30% Reduction in push force taken from damage


No known Miscellaneous.

Battle Strategies

Battling as DJ Pon-3

  • The Special Rage excel on picking up unaware targets sitting nearby.
    It can be used to setup an ambush over peoples chasing the boss behind corners.
  • The Main Rage is best used for trapping people into deathcorners or when too many enemies are close to the boss.

Battling against DJ Pon-3

  • Engineers should always be aware of the situation, since DJ Pon-3 Special Rage can hit through walls and has a nice vertical range.
  • When fighting on narrow places, try to keep a way to escape from the Main Rage.
  • The Special Rage has a very brief pause between the invulnerability being removed and Vinyl regaining movement. If you can take the hit from the shockwave, capitalize off of this free hit opportunity!

Video Demo

Team Fortress 2-Freak Fortress 2-DJ Pon-3-0

Team Fortress 2-Freak Fortress 2-DJ Pon-3-0


  • LEFT MOUSE fires your active weapon.
  • Holding RIGHT MOUSE will charge the Superjump.
  • RELOAD ® activates the Special rage.
  • CALL FOR MEDIC (E) activates the Main rage.


pegaSix - This Is Vinyl Scratch

Spin that Record

Music to My Ears (Extended Version)

Vinyl Scratch is Louder


"Aaaaaawww yeeeah! Good morning Ponyville!" - Intro

"Ohh! Wow, are there gonna be famous ponies here?" - Intro

" bad!" - Engineer buildings destroyed

"Well that's a bunch of horsepoop!" - Backstabbed

"Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh, it's Rarity!" - Spy Killed

"Bam!  Boom!" - Killing spree

"Bu-gaaw!" - Killing spree

"Oooh, shiny..." - Killing spree

"Hah! piece of cake!" - Victory

"And it's just all one big message about how war brings nothing but pain and destruction...It was just too much...aaaaah, boo hoo." - Failure

"Aaaw, yeah! Are you ready for these wubs of destruction?!" - Rage

"Alright, everypony, take a seat...I got this!" - Unused (Formerly Rage)


Models: No Name

Code And Animation: sarysa

Original Idea:  ???